Språkresa till Leysin, Schweiz

På de schweiziska alpernas sluttningar ligger Leysin, en vacker turistby känd för sin pittoreska utsikt över charmiga schweiziska chalets. Under din kurs i tyska i Leysin får du möjlighet att bekanta dig med tysk och schweizisk kultur i byn. Våra partners är några av de mest prestigefyllda språkskolorna i området, vilka alla har målet att låta dig fördjupa dig i omgivningarna och säkra att du lätt lär dig tyska i Leysin. Vid sidan av din språkkurs utomlands finns det gott om tillfällen att utforska området: från det hisnande Berneuseberget till den närliggande charmiga staden Aigle.

Språkresa till Leysin, Schweiz
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German schools in Leysin

Located in the alpine slopes of Switzerland lies Leysin, a beautiful resort village characterized by picturesque views and quaint Swiss chalets. During your German course in Leysin you will be able to experience the twist of German and Swiss culture that is a present in the village. Our partners are some of the most prestigious language schools in the area, all of which aim to immerse you into your surroundings and ensure that you learn German in Leysin with ease. Aside from studying your language course abroad, there are plenty of locations to explore in the area: from the breath-taking Berneuse mountain to the enchanting nearby town of Aigle!

Popular questions about studying German in Leysin:

Why learn German in Leysin?

A language stay in Leysin will allow you to learn and practise your German skills while having the time of your life exploring everything the area has to offer – from quaint Swiss towns to the towering Alps and the breath-taking Lake Geneva. Whether it’s cycling, hiking or swimming, you’ll make life-long memories with your new international friends!

What will I do on my junior German course in Leysin?

Your German course in Leysin will be as far away from your regular school experience as you could imagine. The reason is simple: both us at ESL and our partner school know that you learn faster when you’re having fun! In the morning, you’ll enjoy lively language lessons with dynamic activities, so there’ll be no chance you’ll get bored at any point. In the afternoon, you’ll be able to take your pick among a wide range of exciting activities with other international students and keep practising your German skills. An amazing learning experience you’ll never forget!

Why choose ESL to learn German in Leysin?

Our over 20 years’ experience planning awesome language stays for young learners allows us to:

  • Only select partner schools who offer outstanding quality in their teaching methods and who we talk to frequently so as to make sure we’re always on the same page
  • Include course and accommodation fees as well as administrative costs in our junior programmes, so you get good value for your money
  • Offer exciting trips and activities so our junior students experience the very best of the world
  • Guide you through your whole language journey at no extra cost – you’ll have your very own expert advisor who’ll be by your side before, during and after your stay in order to support you and offer you free, personalised advice

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